Find Elderly Fitness Classes & Senior Citizen Exercise in Chandler, AZ

Workout without paying out of pocket

STā-Fit works with many insurance plans to provide free out-of-pocket gym access to senior citizens. Our Silver Sneakers program is perfect for retirees who need a fun and safe environment for exercising. Plus, we offer classes specifically designed with elderly persons' needs in mind.

For more information about how you or a loved one can enroll in Silver Sneakers, call 480-812-0200 today.

4 reasons to sign up for Silver Sneakers

We make it easy to choose STā-Fit for senior citizen exercise. You'll love our Silver Sneakers program because:

  1. It's free with most insurance plans
  2. It's a fun way to get a balanced workout
  3. It's a great way to socialize with friends
  4. It can help you reduce health issue symptoms

To learn more about senior citizen exercise in Chandler, AZ, call STā-Fit at 480-812-0200 today.