STā-Fit Gym & Fitness Center in Chandler, AZ

STā-Fit offers aqua yoga and other water fitness classes in Chandler, AZ to make your fitness goals fun to obtain. Our pool is family-friendly, and everyone is welcome to participate in our aquatic courses.

Plus, we have a kid's club with inflatables to entertain little ones while you work out. For more information about our aqua yoga in Chandler, AZ, call 480-812-0200 today.

3 benefits of working out in a pool

You need a safe and comfortable environment for exercising in the water. Join STā Fit for access to an array of water fitness courses. You can:

  1. Take the weight off your aching joints while you float
  2. Get a great workout with high resistance from the water
  3. Build strength without putting lots of stress on your muscles

Our fitness center has locker rooms and showers for your convenience. To sign up for one of our water fitness courses, call STā Fit at 480-812-0200 today.