STā-Fit Gym & Fitness Center in Chandler, AZ

STā-Fit offers aqua yoga and other water fitness classes in Chandler, AZ to make your fitness goals fun to obtain. Our pool is family-friendly, and everyone is welcome to participate in our aquatic courses.

Plus, we have a kid's club with inflatables to entertain little ones while you work out. For more information about our aqua yoga in Chandler, AZ, call 480-812-0200 today.

6 benefits of working out in a pool

You need a safe and comfortable environment for exercising in the water. Join STā Fit for access to an array of water fitness courses. You can:

  1. Lessen the stress on your joints and muscles.
  2. Get a great workout with high resistance from the water.
  3. Build strength without putting lots of stress on your muscles.
  4. Improve flexibility.
  5. Improve balance in a safe, supervised environment.
  6. Improve cardiovascular conditioning with the stress of traditional workouts.

Our fitness center has locker rooms and showers for your convenience. To sign up for one of our water fitness courses, call STā Fit at 480-812-0200 today.

STā-Fit Is Proud to Work With Desert Swim School For Our Kid's Swim Lesson Program!

You can learn more about their program here:

Aqua Class Descriptions

Aqua Aerobics

Use continuous cardiovascular movement in shallow water using lower and upper body at the same time. Your instructor will offer modifications as this is the perfect class for most levels of fitness. Anyone desiring less impact, weight loss benefits, toning and increased range of motion in a fun environment should join us!

Aqua Balance

This class allows you to exercise without putting excess strain on your joints and muscles and are designed to increase flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, agility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance with plenty of friendly fun.

Aqua Boot Camp

Looking for something different in your fitness plan? You love boot camp on land ... try it in the WATER! This high intensity class will use the resistance of water to shape and tone muscles not to mention a great cardio workout! Aqua Boot Camp will offer an athletic approach to water fitness training with a combination of strength training.

Aqua Interval Training (Tabata)

Aqua + Tabata = tAQUAta! This course is based off of the Tabata workout which uses High Intensity Interval Training to improve cardiovascular and metabolic systems. This course uses the natural resistance of water to provide power moves without impacting joints. tAQUAta offers a balanced emphasis on cardio, strength, and core. This interval training workout is a fun and effective workout that you will love! Using the Tabata method of high intensity cardio mixed with strength moves, this class will challenge you for 60 minutes!

Aqua Yoga (30 min)

Aqua Yoga is a gentle and very low impact aquatic activity that takes the principles and movements of Yoga and adapts them to the water environment. With the release of gravity, the body is able to find the optimum stretch. By using the rhythm of the breath, an inner sense of relaxation can be achieved.

Family Swim

Family Swim Opens up our pool for families to enjoy time together Sundays from 12:00-6:00 pm.

Power Splash

This moderate to advanced water workout class features a more intense cardio workout than our regular classes. Strength training is emphasized with the use of resistance equipment.

Janice has been teaching water aerobics since 1985 when she was asked to teach at the Mesa YMCA. She has worked with all populations (athletes, older adults, special populations) at health clubs and resorts since that time. Her sense of humor, motivating attitude, and caring nature make her one of the most sought-after instructors in the valley. Janice has also managed and trained hundreds of aqua instructors over the past 20 years. She is the creator and presenter of Aqua Progressions, a training designed for new and veteran water aerobics instructors to learn choreography tools, review safety and contraindications for all populations, and understand the principles and properties of water for a safe, effective workout. Janice has presented for several national organizations such as IDEA World, SCW Mania, and her own FitnessFest and AquaCon conferences.