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Group Fitness Is Fun at STā Fit in Chandler, AZ

What do you want out of your gym experience?

STā Fit is unlike most gyms you've seen before. We combine the inviting and personable feel of a fitness center with the top-notch equipment of the newest gyms and weight rooms. There's something for everyone at our 24,800 square foot facility, whether you're:

A kid looking for a fun way to exercise with friends or family

A senior citizen looking for low intensity elderly fitness courses

A young adult looking for a great weight room for strength conditioning

A middle-aged adult looking for a cycling or Zumba group fitness course

We make it easy for people of all ages to achieve their fitness goals. Call STā Fit at 480-812-0200 today to learn more.

Taking a break in the middle of a group fitness class in Chandler, AZ

Try hundreds of different workouts at STā Fit

Get the most out of your gym membership at STā Fit. We offer fitness classes as well as access to our pool, free weight room and cardio equipment. You can get a variety of different total-body workouts all under one roof. Plus, our flat rate memberships include access to everything we offer.

We even provide free hot coffee when you walk in the door. Visit STā Fit to learn more about our fitness center in Chandler, AZ.

A man working out in the gym in Chandler, AZ

3 reasons to join our gym

Are you looking for a good reason to join STā Fit? Here are three ways you'll benefit from our fitness center:

  1. We have brand-new equipment.
  2. We have a huge pool for aquatic workouts.
  3. We provide showers and locker rooms for your convenience.

Visit our fitness center in Chandler, AZ today to learn more.